APP-licable Learning

My toughest most interesting task so far in the navigation of the digital landscape through #CEID100 was to create a mobile app using the free site The App Builder

After just learning about Design thinking, UX (user experience) and cross-platform design, we were tasked with creating an app – about anything our little heart desired.

I created a Toronto Guide for the City Girl – named, GirlsGuideToToronto See my app here

The work in progress is supposed to be a go-to guide for young professionals in the city who love food, entertainment and meeting new people.  The idea is that it would be filled with lots of links,reviews and best of all pictures.

I created this app with the best of intentions, but my technologically challenged self struggled with UX and creating input that was compatible with the templates provided.

As I continue to learn in this course, I am going to work on this app and by the end of the semester, it will be something I can be proud of!


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