The Most Important Pitch You’ll Ever Make

In school we were taught how to write a basic resume and cover letter, and this was probably the first time we thought about how to summarize and communicate information about ourselves. This is what potential employers primarily used to base their hiring decisions. Today our offline and online persona’s have to be a lot more robust and we are responsible for managing our information about who we are and what we stand for.

Recently, I changed my title on LinkedIn to more accurately reflect my capabilities and crafted a personal branding statement:

Decision Facilitator and Logistics Ninja:

I am a highly motivated individual who excels at critical thinking and relationship building, while bringing a fresh perspective and an eye for detail to every task. Also, I am an ambitious student of marketing, who is eager to learn, thrives on challenges and can effectively utilize time management and organizational skills in every situation.

In creating this, I started with a blank page approach and looked to my resume and cover letter for information about my skills and accomplishments.  Then I thought about my perspective about marketing and my future career and wrote down my goals; both short and long term.  Lastly, I read about personal branding from thought leaders such as Mitch Joel to really understand what my statement should encompass. I tweaked for days until I came to a final draft, but even still – as I learn and grow, it will evolve to reflect not only who I am, but more importantly, what I stand for.


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